Gender Genderless
Occupation None
Age Ageless
Alignment Unknown
Religion Unknown
Allies Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Relatives None
Voiced by Unknown
First appearance Rob Gets An Anal Probe
Weegee is an Easter egg that appears in many episodes of Crappington and The Chronicles Of Mimey. It is a background character and has had no speaking roles.


Weegee has made countless cameo appearances in the show, marking its own prominence in the Crappington universe. For example, Weegee can be seen in the background of Crappington Elementary School (in the cafeteria, on posters, in hallways, and in the class), crowd scenes, and even off-world locations. Most of them are very easy to very hard to find, making the fad grow bigger and bigger every season at a time.


The Weegee gag received positive reseponse, due to it being in the background of every episode, but in some episodes, it got mixed reviews.

However, The Weegee gag became so popular during mid-Season 4 so FamilySing announced that the official Crappington website will host a quiz featuring where the Weegee gag is in the recently aired episode.

On The Crappington Studios Blog, There have been numerous fan art featuring Weegee.

Possible Major AppearanceEdit

There is a possibility that Weegee may have a major part in a future episode, as confirmed in the Crappington Studios Q&A. However, there has been no script featuring an episode about Weegee, according to Ryan Todd in the commentary for Sexual Healing.




Season 1Edit

Episode Location Picture
Rob Gets An Anal Probe Seen in the background of Altar's temple.
Weight Gain 9000 Seen in the crowd.
Double Trouble A "Wanted" poster is seen of it in the hallway. Weegee double trouble
Brief Candle
Thor's Hammer
An Elephant Makes Love To A Pig
Zowie Gets Queefed
The Bitix
Drobot's Secret
Split Decision Seen on the right of the activating Groundbridge. Weegee split decision
Mecha-Utonatron-X 95000
Within The Serpent's Grasp

Season 2Edit

Episode Location Picture
The Serpent's Lair
Don't Touch That 'dile Seen in the theme park.
In The Line Of Duty A repeat of Double Trouble's gag. Weegee double trouble
Ike's Wee Wee
Goop A repeat of Split Decision's gag. Weegee split decision
Thor's Chariot Seen in a printing on a wall in the Hall Of Thor's Might.
Summer Sucks
Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls
The Tok'ra
Clubhouses A repeat of Double Trouble's Gag. Weegee double trouble
Chef Aid
The Fifth Race Seen near the Crappington Elementary building. Weegee the fifth race
A Venipede Stampede
Cow Days
Gnomes A stone resembling it can be seen in the cave.
Prehistoric Octo-Bird

Season 3Edit

Episode Location Picture
Rainforest Schmainforest Seen hiding in one of the bushes.
Spontaneous Combusken
Archen A repeat of Split Decision's gag. Weegee split decision
Tweek Vs. Toad
The Subbuscus Seen having dinner served.
Bad Asgard
Melvin, Lance, Rob And The Big Asgard Riot
Fair Game Seen on a poster in the school gym.
Current Events
Hooked On Monkey Phonics A repeat of Double Trouble's Gag. Weegee double trouble
A Chaotic Rise To Excelence A repeat of The Fifth Race's gag. Weegee the fifth race
Havik Vs. Hussein
Urgo Seen on the school computer on one of the trash cans. Weegee urgo
Myth Of Nick Seen in the library talking to Grilla.
The Gold Medal Of Gayness
New Digs The "Wanted" poster for it can be seen in the school kitchen.
Crystal Skull
World Wide Recorder Concert
Nemesis The "Wanted" poster for it can be seen aboard Thor's ship.

Season 4Edit

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