The Furling
The furling
A dream involving a meeting between Lance and a Furling
Season 9, Episode 9
Air date Unknown
Directed by Josh Holt
Guest stars None
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The Furling (renamed Lance Meets A Furling outside of North America) Is the ninth episode of the ninth season and the 144th overall of Crappington.


Lance is determined to make contact with the mysterious Furling race so his friends don't have to make fun of him anymore.



Minor CharactersEdit


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  • In Non-USA English versions of this episode, Lance's line "I thought we'd never get to meet you." is changed to "we thought we'd never get to see you.", for unknown reasons.
  • This is the first time we see the Furlings.
  • This episode was featured on Crappington: The Hits: Volume 1.


  • When Lance wakes up from his nightmare, his eyes are brown.
  • When Toad is in the class, He becomes alot brighter between shots.