Season 9 of Crappington.

In this season, The Gundersons, Boomer and Countdown are introduced, Robert Kinsey is promoted to Vice President, The Furlings are introduced, and the effects of Lance and Zowie's breakup are revisited.

The Asgard leader Thor does not appear at all in this season.


Total Image # Title Plot Prod. code
136 1 An Exploding Achievement Countdown befriends a troll named Boomer, who subsequently tries to cause trouble in the school. 901
137 2 Die Hippie, Die Rob seeks to rid the world of hippies once and for all. 902
138 3 Wing The kids start a talent agency in hopes of making money from Tobias. 903
139 4 Dead Man's Pike A freak accident on P9Q-128 influences Robert Kinsey (who is now Vice President) to attempt to shut down the Groundbridge Program and the Protected Planets Treaty. Meanwhile, Toad gets into trouble for breaking a requirement for one of Fraiser's experiments. 904
140 5 The Losing Edge The boys in Mr. Brown's Class try to lose their baseball games on purpose so they can avoid playing all summer. Lance's father gets into training to fight the other fathers at the games. 905
141 Enemy mine 6 Enemy Mine Rex's Team is attempting to mine Naquadah on P3X-403 and have alerted a number of native Unas, after they were provoked on their sacred ground. The only hope for a truce is for Teri to bring Chaka to 403. However, the Tau'ri military do not wish an alliance. 906
142 7 The Unhandicappable Lance dates Jimmy's ex-girlfriend, Starla, in an attempt to get the two back together. 907
143 8 Errection Day Clyde starts getting erections and worries about performing in the school talent show. 908
144 The furling 9 The Furling Lance is determined to make contact with the mysterious Furling race so his friends don't have to make fun of him anymore. 909
145 10 Hitman Rob is forced to have a personal slave, under the Goa'uld's control at his house. 910
146 Follow that egg 11 Follow That Egg! Mr. Brown becomes involved in an abolitionist movement to marry Miss Genesect; A parenting project involving an egg turns Lance and Tobias into rivals, while on the other hand, Rob and Melvin make a pledge to get themselves an A+ by creating the best egg. 911
147 12 The Canadian Effect Rob suffers from a mysterious and sudden onset of the 'disease' Canaditis. He then starts a campaign to give children in his assumed position "more than equal" rights. 912
148 13 Free Williatius A "talking" whale inspires the kids to risk everything to "return him to his family on the moon". 913
149 14 Bloodfeast A religious statue in the city comes to life and the citizens of Crappington are forced to have their blood spared. 914