Season 3 of Crappington.

This season is home to the official debut of Archen and Harold J. Paxton, from Season 2's Prehistoric Octo-Bird, where the two were separated from a rapid Goa'uld formation of the same name. Also, Teri Collins has a major color change in this season (from dull brown to orange), and the establishment of the Protected Planets Treaty in Fair Game, while Saddamn Hussein is killed off in Havik Vs. Hussein, and is succeeded by the Cleric of Chaos, Havik. This season also features the debut of the Replicators, the lethal enemy of Thor's race, the Asgard.


Total Image # Title Plot Prod. code
32 1 Rainforest Shmainforest The kids are forced to join a choir campaigning to save the rainforest. Rob has a girlfriend. 301
33 2 Spontaneous Combusken Rob must spare his life to the Combusken if he is to compete in a fight against them; Clyde is revealed to have started his own party. 302
Archen episode
3 Archen While Archen and his friend Paxton are still working their heads around the School grammar system, They run into he Ancient king Cronus, and are forced to sacrifice their indignity to him. 303
35 4 Tweek Vs. Toad The kids train two classmates for a fight against each other. 304
36 5 Jakovasaurs The town tries to save a species from extinction. 305
37 6 The Subuscus When Chef gets engaged, the kids become concerned as he seemingly becomes a different person. 306
38 7 Bad Asgard The Goa'uld learns of Thor's freedom; Rob babysits and falls in love with Puff's Sister. 307
Lance melvin rob and the big asgard riot
8 Melvin, Lance, Rob And The Big Asgard Riot Rob, Melvin and Lance must stop the Goa'uld from destroying the Asgard homeworld. 308
40 9 Jewbillee Lance and Zowie go to a Jewish scout camp where Lance revives the Asgard Lord Odin. 309
Fair game
10 Fair Game Just after Zowie is congratulated for her heroisim of defeating Hathor, Puff is beamed out of the middle of the ceremony and aboard a ship belonging to Thor of the Asgard. Thor tells him that he will host a negotiation between the Tau'ri and the Ancient Cronus, the Asgard Lord Odin, and the Bitix Lao Tse. However, one of them does not wish to negotiate. 310
Current events
11 Current Events The Humberts, Puff, and his party take Teri to a Telsa Power Generator for her 9th birthday. 311
43 12 Hooked On Monkey Phonics With the help of Phonics Monkey, Rob enters a Spelling bee. The kids meet children who are homeschooled. 312
A chaotic rise to excellence
13 A Chaotic Rise To Excelence Havik, The Cleric Of Chaos, arrives on the Goa'uld Mothership and sets himself to a goal: succeed Saddamn as the Supreme Host of the Goa'uld. 313
45 14 Havik Vs. Hussein Havik challenges Saddamn to a battle aboard the Goa'uld warship. 314
15 Urgo The minds of the CES student body are being harassed by a curious being. 315
47 16 Myth Of Nick Using knowledge from the Jaffa, Rob tries to use Ancient technology to communicate with the mythical Great Ape. 316
48 17 The Gold Medal Of Gayness The town has an American Civil War re-enactment, led by Rob as General Lee. 317
49 18 New Digs Rob moves into Crappington Elementary so he doesn't have to be late for school anymore. 318
Crystal skull
19 Crystal Skull Rob stares down on a Crystal skull; however, he mysteriously disappears. Rob tries his best to communicate with them even though he can't be seen. He gets the elusive Old Rusty, to help since he claimed to have experienced the same thing. 319
51 20 World Wide Recorder Concert The children of Crappington are invited to Arkansas for the "Four Million Child Blow 2000," the first worldwide recorder concert. 320
21 Nemesis The kids face their most formidable foe yet, a creature of mass destruction that not even the Asgard can control. 321