Rich Preachers
Rich preachers
Clyde watches Preachers Of The Tri-State Area
Season 18, Episode 21
Air date Unknown
Directed by Justin Johns
Guest stars None
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Baa! Citizen Joe
Rich Preachers Is the twenty-first episode of the eighteenth season of Crappington.


After watching an episode of Preachers Of The Tri-State Area, Clyde decides to win himself 1000 Dollars so he can be in the show.



Minor CharactersEdit


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  • Rob Tenorman is not present in this episode.
  • This episode features Tau'ri depiction a show on the TV channel Oxygen, Preachers Of L.A., Called Preachers Of The Tri-State Area.
  • Tall Preacher refers to the events of The First Ones and Beast Of Burden, while Toad refers to those of Toad Stands By.


  • When Clyde is talking to the Preachers, The Donovan family photo disappears between shots.

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