Deadman Switch
Deadman switch
Thor's Ship approaches PT5-J72
Season 13, Episode 15
Air date Unknown
Directed by Adam Campbell-Sing
Guest stars Michael Shanks as the voice of Thor
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Deadman Switch (renamed Dead Man's Switch outside of North America) is the thirteenth episode of the thirteenth season and the 206th overall of Crappington.


The team (minus Rob) is captured by Aris Boch, a bounty hunter working for Havik, and proves to be almost impossible to escape from. He forces them to help him capture a Goa'uld hiding on their planet, but Puff soon discovers they are about to capture Thor.



Minor CharactersEdit


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  • This episode does not feature a Groundbridge.
  • This is the first episode to focus entirely on the principal cast (with the exception of any significant characters).
  • Aris Boch claims he disabled the Dial Home Device to prevent the escape of the kids. However, we have seen the kids escape from planets with damaged, destroyed or missing DHDs by manually dialing the gate. To avoid this Aris would have to remove the DHD's powersource.
  • Rob does not appear in this episode, and in this episode, Zowie reveals that Rob is absent because of his recent Lifeboat injury.
  • Aris refers to the events of Counterstrike and Fear Factor Phony.


  • When entering Aris Boch's ship for the first time, Lance trips over the pile of equipment discarded by Aris.